Teacher, composer,performer in Broward County South Florida. Please call 754 779 7869 for piano lesson or

your private party.

                       Larry Minsky has received national recognition for his vibrant and appealing jazz piano compositions

for students. Larry studied music theory and composition at the Aaron Copland Music School in New York.

                      Larry has performed in rock, jazz bands, restaurants, and many clubs. Concurrently he contiued

to study jazz and classical music. Many of his composed piano pieces have been represented in the National

Federation of  Music Clubs. Articles on improvisation have also appeared Clavier music magazine.

                          His creative output includes many solo jazz albums and arrangements of standards published by

Alfred and KJOS, all of which are educational supplemental libraries of piano music written specifically to correlate

with all piano methods. In addition there are recorded works -not all in print-on cds and digital formats.

                 Favorite composers are: Bach, Chopin, Satie, Dedussy, Copland, Gerswhin and the great jazz pianist,

Bill Evans.

                    Books and CDs are on Amazon, nearly everywhere on the internate and ,at least the books, most music